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About Operations Research Society of Japan 
What is the Operations Research Society of Japan? update 06/18/2012
1. About our Society
  1. The Operations Research Society of Japan (ORSJ) was established on June 15, 1957. In addition to such pursuits as research on OR theory and the development of methodologies, the ORSJ explores the practical use of methods applicable to specific problems occurring in the world of business and government offices. It also actively promotes exchanges of information among its members as well as interaction on an international level.
2. Activities
  1. Specific activities are as follows:
    Lectures and research presentation forums
    Publication of such printed materials as its journal for members, a professional journal, and research reports
    Liaison and cooperation with similar societies in Japan and overseas
    Research and inquiries
    Research promotion and recognition of research accomplishments

3. Members
  1. The ORSJ has 1,955 regular members, 173 student members, and 59 companies that are corporate members (as of February 2010).

    Registration Fee for Overseas Membership: JPY4,000
    Annual Membership Fee: JPY14,400
4. Organization
  1. Headquartered in Tokyo, the society also has six chapters around the country (one each in Hokkaido and the Chubu, Chugoku-Shikoku, Kansai, Kyushu, and Tohoku regions). Each regional chapter conducts its own slate of activities, including lectures and research projects.
5. Publications
  1. Communications of Operations Research of Japan, the journal for ORSJ members, is published periodically in Japanese. Each issue has a special feature section consisting of clear, readily understandable explanations about OR theory and applications pertaining to a particular subject. The journal's contents also include articles written by leaders in this field, regular columns on selected topics, case studies, and updates on ORSJ activities.

    "Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan" is a professional journal issued four times a year. From 2010, JORSJ are freely accessible at ORSJ webpage.

    Reports focus on specific topics. They introduce the results of research and investigations and provide insights into specific approaches to problems.

6. Research presentation forums and symposiums
  1. The ORSJ holds forums every spring and fall to present the results of research. The spring session is in Tokyo, while the fall event is held elsewhere in Japan.

    The research forums feature not only a conventional presentation format but also a "paper fair" structure that emphasizes discussion.

    Special lectures and symposiums are held during the research forums.

7.Officers and Councils ( May 2012- April 2013 )
  1. President Takeshi Koshizuka

    Mario Nakamori, Shin Yamagami, Tatsuo Kamoi

    Council Members

    ( General ) Makoto Namiki, Keiichi Handa
    ( International Liaison ) Takashi Tsuchiya
    ( Research & Education ) Hozumi Morohoshi, Tsutomu Saito
    ( Publications ) Hideaki Yamashita, Tomomi Matsui
    ( Treasury ) Masayoshi Mizutani
    ( Public Relations ) Akiya Inoue
    ( Publicity ) Yuichiro Miyamoto
    ( Subdivision Services )
    Shigeru Yamada
    ( Unattached ) Koichi Nakaide, Mamoru Ohashi, Toshiki Takizawa

      Masakiyo Miyazawa, Keiichiro Nakagawa