主査 土肥正(広島大学大学院)
幹事 肖 霄(シャオシャオ)(首都大学東京)



日時: 2014年11月28日(金) 14:30 – 16:30
場所: 首都大学東京 秋葉原サテライトキャンパス 会議室A・B

(1) 「情報ネットワークの高信頼化を目指した階層型制御アーキテクチャ」
会田 雅樹 氏 (首都大学東京システムデザイン研究科)


(2) 「Monotone Policy on Decision Making for Non-stationary Deteriorating Systems」
金  路  氏 (電気通信大学情報理工学研究科)

The optimal maintenance policy for deteriorating systems has been studied extensively. In most previous studies, the system was assumed to deteriorate in accordance with a stationary state transition law. However, systems can also deteriorate with age. In such cases, the transition state probabilities of the system should be non-stationary for different ages of the systems.
This talk will focus on the condition monitoring maintenance for an aging system of which the deterioration undergoes as a non-stationary Markov process. The optimal decision policy is investigated, and the structural properties of the resulting optimal expected cost function are obtained. These structural properties establish the existence of an optimal control limit policy with respect to both the system’s deterioration and age under some assumptions. Furthermore, the monotonic property of control limits is also obtained.
If the optimal decision policy can be limited into the set of control limit policies, the tremendous amount of calculation time required to find the optimal decision policy would be reduced. Furthermore, the monotonicity of control limits can reduce the computational efforts substantially by simplifying the algorithm and reducing the computation errors.

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