[DEA Workshop 2015] 開催のご案内 Advances in DEA Theory and Applications with Extensions to Forecasting Models

日時:2015年12月1日(火)13:25~17:00、 12月2日(水) 10:00~16:00
場所:政策研究大学院大学 研究会室 A4

12月1日 13:25~17:00
0. Opening Remarks: Prof. Kaoru Tone (GRIPS, Japan)
1. Kaoru Tone (GRIPS, Japan): “Resampling in Data Envelopment Analysis illustrated by a hospital example”
2. Xiaopeng Yang (Univ. of Toronto, Canada): “Combining Support Vector Machine and Data Envelopment Analysis to Predict Corporate Failure for Nonmanufacturing Firms”
3. Joseph Paradi (Univ. of Toronto, Canada): “Corporate Failure Prediction for Non-Manufacturing Firms Using SBM”
4. Hiroyuki Kawaguchi (Seijo Univ., Japan): “Dynamic-Network DEA and An application to Japanese Hospitals”
5. Masayoshi Hayashi (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan): “DEA and social policy: A performance evaluation of Japanese local welfare offices”.
6. Hirofumi Fukuyama (Fukuoka Univ., Japan): ” Dynamic-Network DEA and An application to Japanese Prefectures”

12月2日 10:00~16:00
7. Tsung-Sheng Chang (National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan): “DEA Models Incorporating Uncertain Future Performance”
8. Bing Xu (Heriot-Watt Univ., UK): “Performance evaluation of prediction models under multiple criteria”
9. Jamal Ouenniche (Univ. of Edinburgh, UK): “DEA in bankruptcy – few methodological fixes”
10. Miki Tsutsui (CRIEPI, Japan): “A quantitative analysis of market opportunity utilization in electric power companies”
11. Andrew Johnson (Texas A&M Univ., USA): “Predictive Efficiency Analysis: A study of U.S. Hospitals”
12. Bo Hsiao (Chang Jung Christian Univ., Taiwan): “Efficiency Predictions by Fuzzy Piecewise Auto-regression in Dynamic Network System”
13. Ming-Miin Yu (National Taiwan Ocean Univ., Taiwan): “Performance evaluation of BDI forecasting: Cross efficiency, the shortage function and portfolio theory”
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